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Vehicle Information

View a wide range of detailed info for up to 5 vehicles.

Tax Status

To avoid fines of up to £1000, you can check your current vehicle tax status.

MOT History

View the current status and expiration date of your vehicle's MOT and detailed reports about past MOT test results for your vehicle(s).

Assurance Alerts

You'll never forget to renew your Tax and Mot again, with our assurance alerts we constantly monitor your Tax and MOT status and you'll receive reminder email messages so you never miss an expiration date for your vehicle tax, MOT and more.

Vehicle Specifications

Detailed vehicle specifications for up to 5 vehicles which includes:




Year of Manufacture

Date of Registration

Cylinder Capacity (CC)

CO2 Emissions

Fuel Type

Type Approval

Tyre Size

Revenue Weight

Exclusive Keeper Check


Included in your membership are a wide selection of helpful tools.

Parking Ticket Help

If you feel you were wrongly issued a parking ticket, fear not. Use our simple Parking Ticket tool to automatically generate a letter you can send to the local parking authority to help stop the fine.

Fuel Cost Calculator

Use this tool to calculate how much it will cost you in money and fuel to make a certain journey.

MOT Garage Locator

We have compiled a comprehensive directory of all the official MOT garages in the UK, accessible for our members after joining.

Special Offers

Enjoy the use of these great time and money saving offers.

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    • Vehicle Specifications
    • and more
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